Best Kitchen Faucets 2020 : Reviews and Buying Guide (Updated)

The kitchen sinks turn out to be the place which undergoes the most rigorous usage and hence choosing the right kitchen faucet is not at all an easy task. The best kitchen faucets are the ones that are easy to use, have low maintenance, is versatile enough to handle the varied tasks of rinsing, washing and filling and is durable enough to give you uninterrupted service for years. But with the myriad of models flooding the markets in recent times it is extremely difficult to choose the best kitchen faucet that would not only ease your work, but also add oomph to your kitchen sink while not pinching your pocket much.

Best Kitchen Faucet 2020 compression

Thus before we jump into Reviews of best kitchen faucets, let’s have a look into the top rated kitchen faucets in 2020 available in the market and the one that can perfect for your kitchen sink. We hand packs the top 10 faucet and listed here.

Product Type Finish Rating Price
Moen 7594ESRS Arbor Motionsense Touchless Faucet Spot Resist Stainless Check on Amazon
Delta 9178-AR-DST Faucet Pull-Down Faucet Arctic Stainless Check on Amazon
Kraus KPF-2110 Single Lever Stainless Steel Pull Out Kitchen Faucet Pull Out Faucet Stainless Steel Check on Amazon
American Standard 4175.300.075 Colony Soft Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet Pull-Down Faucet Stainless Steel Check on Amazon
Delta 9192T-SSSD-DST Faucet Touchless Faucet Stainless Steel Check on Amazon

Best Kitchen Faucet Reviews

So let’s start off with the most technologically advanced model in the list of the best kitchen faucets available in the market. Moen is a reputed brand, well known for producing quality, durable and reliable products while making use of the latest in innovation and technology and the Moen 7594ESRS Arbor is no exception.

The Moen Arbor is a sleek touch-less, motion activated kitchen faucet which is available in three spot resistant finishes viz. chrome, stainless and oil rubbed bronze. The faucet demands less manual intervention i.e you do not need to operate the faucet with your hands and in addition the finish as mentioned resists deposition of fingerprints and water-spots and is hence easy to maintain. The faucet has a metal built which is durable but obviously not as durable as the brass built ones.

The Moen Arbor can be easily installed in a single step with the aid of the Duralock Quick Connect Installation System and does not demand the use of specialized tools. It can be installed in a pre-drilled sink with one or three holes and comes with an escutcheon plate, so you do not have to invest on an additional deck-plate.

The Moen Arbor faucet has an unique combination of two advanced motion sensors, one placed at the top and the other placed at the base of the faucet. The top sensor responds to hand movement while the base sensor reacts to movements of objects. They can be turned on and off by simple hand movements. As soon as the motion sensor detects the presence of the hand or the object it initiates the water flow and stops it in the absence of one. The motion sensor operation is easy to learn and can be mastered in few days time.

It has a high arc spout with a spout height of 15.5” and a spout reach of 7.87”. The spout can be swivelled to about 100degrees for easy operation and maximum area coverage and is equipped with a pull-down Reflex spray head. The pull down spray has a hose length of 68” which is on the higher side compared to the other models available. It boasts of an exceptional Reflex system which enables it to retract automatically to the spout dock once the job is done. You can just leave the spout head and it will slowly get back to its original position. The retraction is smooth and will never pose a problem.

The faucet has two spray modes, one that has a steady water-flow and is for everyday use while the other features Moen’s Power Clean technology used for removing powerful stains. You can easily toggle between the two modes by the simple flip of a switch.

It has a manual one handle lever on the right hand side of the faucet unit which helps in adjustment of water pressure and temperature and can also act as an alternative operation system when the sensor is switched off.

The Moen Arbor is powered by six AA batteries, is ADA compliant and has a 5year warranty on digital components and a limited lifetime trim warranty. Overall an extremely stylish faucet that is tailored to perfection to suit almost all kitchen set-ups with a touch of innovation that makes your everyday chores look easy and interesting.

  • Spot resist finish
  • Duralock easy installation system
  • 68” hose with reflex system
  • Dual Motor sensors
  • Two spray patterns

  • Moderate to low water flow
  • Extremely Sensitive Sensors may even turn on with the slightest of noticeable movement
  • Expensive

Another model from the house of Delta but this time minus the electrical components that were a major set back in the previous model mentioned. The Delta Leland 9178 AR-DST has all the features that the Delta Addison model had except that fact that it is not touch activated. The Delta Leland is a manually operated single handle pull down faucet unit. It has a single lever handle that controls the flow pressure as well as the water temperature.

The Delta Leland has a distinct shape which has an unique curvature at the base and at the spout with a single upward movement lever at the right side of the base. It is available in four distinct finishes viz. Chrome, arctic stainless, venetian bronze and spot shield stainless. The spot shield stainless finish has a shield spray technology that resists spots and finger prints on the faucet and aids in keeping it clean. The faucet has a brass built and diamond embedded ceramic valves that not only makes it durable but also attributes to the leak-free property that the Diamond Seal Technology boasts off.

The Delta Leland can be easily installed using the Duramount Installation System which ensures leak proof installation by the use of one-piece supply lines. It comes with an optional escutcheon to facilitate multi-hole installation.

The Delta Leland has a high arc spout with a spout height of 14-7/8”. The spout swivels 360 degrees for maximum area coverage and has a pull down spout with a magnetite docking system. The dock has a powerful integrated magnetic head that retracts the spout head back to its original position when not in use. The spout hose has a reach of 20” and has maximum maneuverability with a dual mode spray head that can be toggled between stream and spray options. Like the Addison the Leland too has a soft rubber touch spray head nozzle that can be easily cleaned by the rubbing with fingers.

The Delta Leland is ADA compliant, has a flow rate of 1.8 GPM and is backed by Delta faucet’s limited lifetime warranty on the product.It too comes with a soap dispenser. It is an extremely simple to use yet highly elegant and durable faucet that you can rely on.

  • Available in four finishes to suit kitchen decor
  • Easy leak free installation system
  • Diamond Seal technology and brass built
  • Magnatite Docking with 20”hose reach and multi flow spray head
  • Soap dispenser

An USA based company, KRAUS is new to the plumbing fixtures industry. Starting off in 2007, it has already made a mark of it’s own in revolutionizing the industry and bringing together affordable yet a wide variety of clean, modern, high quality and durable products accessible to every consumer. The KRAUS KPF2110 is a single handle pull out spray kitchen faucet built in order to suit large kitchen sinks. The clean lines and a stream line design gives it a sleek and contemporary look that goes with most transitional and modern kitchen setups while utilizing minimum space.

The KRAUS KPF2110 comes in a stainless steel finish and a solid lead free brass construction handle. The single lever handle which sits atop the faucet unit is capable of controlling both water flow pressure as well as water temperature and can be handled with ease. Both the pressure as well as the temperature is controlled by Kerox ceramic cartridges that undergo minimal weathering over time. The ceramic cartridges make them leak and drip free and along with the brass built adds durability to the product. The corrosion resistant and rust resistant finish is covered by a lifetime finish warranty and eliminates the risk of corrosion , hard water deposition and rust formation.

The KRAUS KPF2110 is designed for maximum convenience and features a goose-neck pullout spout and a single lever handle for effortless controls. The spout has a 180 degree swivel for maximum sink area access.The pull out spout has a tensioned head-spring to give you a good retractable experience when you pull out the spray head and a secure docking system so that the pull out spray head does not droop down over a period of time. The dual mode spray head enables you to shift from spray mode for cleansing to stream mode for filling and washing.

The pull out hose has a length of 63 inches and the total faucet height is 10.75 inches. The height is good enough for working with large vessels but avoids water splashes in deep sinks. The pull out faucet is fully insulated so that you can hold it while hot water is flowing through it. The spout has a height of 7.13” and a reach of 9”.

The Swiss made NeoPerl aerator units are the best in business and another important feature of this faucet unit.

The installation process is a bit tedious and has to be carried out by a professional. Though the entire installation kit comes with the faucet unit, this Kraus model weighs around 7 pounds and hence it has to be cranked down to its mounting brackets tightly or it will loosen fast.

A 14oz soap dispenser accompanies this faucet unit. It is also made of 100% lead free brass and has a swivel of 360 degrees and is refillable from the top.

The Kraus kitchen faucet is heavily certified by all the major product testing boards in the US and Canada and comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the built and the finish.

  • Corrosion and rust resistant finish
  • Dual mode pull out spray head with 63” hose
  • High performance /low flow NeoPerl Aerator
  • Kerox ceramic cartridges and brass handle with stainless steel faucet body
  • Soap dispenser
  • Certified by most product testing boards in US and Canada

  • Installation may be a little tricky
  • The angle of water stream is a bit outward
  • There can be a delay when you switch the spray mode.

(Model No 4175.300.F15.002)

More suited to contemporary kitchens, this one handle pull down kitchen faucet has a sleek design with clean soft lines. The minimalistic design is that what will attract you the most.

The single hole mount kitchen faucet comes in three attractive finishes viz the polished chrome, stainless steel and matte black. The faucet has a solid brass construction which itself is corrosion resistant and durable. It also offers an ideal surface for colors and finishes wherein the finish becomes a part of the unit and is not left to a mere coating. The coating allows the faucet to be scratch and tarnish resistant and hence it will look like new even after prolonged use.

The ceramic disc valves add to the durability of the product while making it drip and leak free. The ceramic disc valves ensures smooth maneuvering of the handle even in extreme temperatures and hard water conditions.

The American standard colony faucet has a high arc pull down spout with a spout height of 14-5/8” and a reach of 8” from the base. The integrated pull down spout has an adjustable spray head with a pause feature which allows you to pause the flow of water without the use of the handle. The pull down spout has a 20” braided hose.

This best kitchen faucet features a memory position valve that can be adjusted to give you the preferred water temperature and the handle needs no adjustment then. The memory position valve also saves you from the accidental change of temperature while turning the faucet on or off.

The American standard Colony kitchen faucet meets the specifications as set by ADA and NSF and comes with a lifetime warranty on the finish and the function.

  • Brass construction and ceramic valves
  • Three attractive finishes
  • Memory position valve
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Not at all expensive

The Delta faucet company has been consistently winning much accolades and excellence awards since the last few years and has already made a mark in the faucet manufacturing industry. The 9192T-SSSD-DST is one of its most innovative and technologically advanced models. Though we would be discussing a few more Delta models in this list but the 9192T-SSSD-DST definitely charts above the rest. This model makes use of the Delta Touch2O Technology wherein you can start off or shut down the water flow from the faucet by a simple touch anywhere in the faucet handle or spout. So you can just avoid your messy hands and turn it on or off by the touch of your forearm or wrist. This model though not truly touchless has often been referred to in the list of touchless kitchen faucets. The water flow automatically stops after 4 minutes and the intuitive Touch2O technology can differentiate between the touch and grab and hence minimizes the risk of accidental turn on/off.

The faucet has an unique style and its curves add grace to your kitchen. The faucet comes with an additional soap dispenser which compliments the faucet and the entire faucet unit is available in chrome, arctic stainless, champagne bronze and venetian bronze finishes.

The faucet unit can be easily installed with the help of Duramount Installation system and comes with a escutcheon for multiple holes installation. The one-piece supply lines along with the presence of diamond embedded ceramic disc (Diamond Seal Valves) eliminate the possibility of leaks and drips. The Diamond seal valves do not require any lubrication and undergoes almost no wear on prolonged use and can actually last a lifetime.

It is equipped with an Integrated TempSense LED light that not only changes its colour from blue to magenta to red with the rise in water temperature but also indicates in case of a low battery. The sensor is powered by 6AA batteries and can be alternatively replaced by an AC adaptor which has to be purchased separately.

The faucet has a high arc spout capable of a 360 degree swivel with a spout height of 15-3/8” and a pull out spray head. The spray head is held to its position and retracted by a Delta MagnaTite Docking System. The 62” long hose with a multiflow spray wand allows an exceptional reach and let’s you toggle between stream and spray modes in almost no time. The soft rubber touch spray holes allow minimal lime and calcium deposition and can be easily wiped off clean with the gentle rub by your fingers.

This best kitchen faucet has a single lever handle for manual override as well as to control the water flow and temperature. The faucet unit comes with a limited lifetime warranty and a five year warranty on electronic components. The faucet is ADA compliant. Overall a decent faucet unit with a soap dispenser that needs low maintenance in terms of the build and finish but has a tricky electrical system that looses it’s sensitivity with time and requires replacement.

  • Available in four finishes to suit kitchen decor
  • Easy leak free installation system
  • Diamond Seal technology
  • Intuitive touch2O technology
  • Magnatite Docking with 62”hose length and multi flow spray head
  • Soap dispenser

  • The electrical set up needs maintenance

Best Kitchen Faucets 2020 : Buying Guide

Types of Kitchen Faucets

Pull Out Kitchen Faucets:

One of the most popular faucet units that are making the rounds in commercial as well as residential kitchens, these faucets have a spray wand that can be pulled out of the faucet unit to facilitate easy washing of bigger pots and the area around the sink. The spray wand returns to the faucet unit once it’s job is done due to the magnetic head that supports the wand and has a 360degrees turn feature to provide maximum area coverage.

Pull Down Kitchen Faucets:

Much similar to the pull out units, these faucets have a spray wand that can be only pulled down. It is suitable for larger sinks and this unit is known to pour water into the sink only. Fix any water pressure issues before installing this unit, as it does not work well under high water pressure.

Single Handle Faucet:

The most common faucet unit that graces almost every other kitchen sink, the single handle faucet is easy to use but has its limitations as well. Most single handle faucets are fixed i.e they are incapable of any movement and lack the ability to provide hot and cold water both. Though there are exceptions as well.

Two Handle Faucet:

The two handle faucet is an upgradation of the single handle unit. It has two handles that take care of the hot and cold water flow and is easy to use and maintain.

Commercial/Fusion Faucet:

Most commonly found in commercial kitchens, this faucet unit has a long hose with different spray patterns to switch over using a toggle lever. The spray patterns aim at handling the varied jobs with ease and precision.

Touch-less/ Touch activated Faucet:

These faucets either use a sensor to detect hand movement (touch-less) or can be started at the touch of the faucet (touch activated). These faucets are either directly connected to an electrical source or are battery powered.

Separate Spray:

This faucet unit comes with an extra spray hose that acts as a separate unit when the main spray wand is not in use. A single handle controls the water flow in both the spray wands.

How to Choose The Perfect Kitchen Faucet

If you are just replacing an old faucet with a new one in the existing kitchen sink then you cannot just have the liberty to choose any type of kitchen faucet and have to consider a few things that would determine if your choice can be installed in the existing sink unit.

Installation Type:

The first thing that has to be considered is the installation type. Depending on the number of holes in the kitchen sink unit you can choose the model that suits you. In sinks with a single hole you have to choose faucet units that have a single unit. Faucet units where the handle is separate or which have  separate spray units or have multiple handles at the base cannot be fixed in single hole sinks. They require sinks with three holes. Single units can also be attached to units with three holes with the use of a deck plate.

Depth of the Sink:

How deep or how shallow your sink is has to be taken care of before investing in the faucet unit. Faucet units with high arc spray heads are not suited for deep sinks as they might result in water splashing. Short spouted faucets are not suited for large sinks as well. Pull out faucets are more suited to shallow sinks. Also you need to know how much area has to be covered and hence invest accordingly on a fixed or a unit that can be rotated at the base.

Spout Height:

As described above high spouted faucets are not suited for deep sinks. Also spout height should be considered in case you have a cabinet above the sink area.

If you are renovating the entire kitchen sink area or designing the kitchen from scratch then you can choose from any kitchen faucet and complement the sink accordingly.

What to look for in a best Kitchen Faucet

Now that we have discussed about the best kitchen faucets, their features as well as their pros and cons, the fact is that these are not the only ones that you have to choose from. You can go ahead and do your own research and choose the faucet that not only meets your requirement but your budget as well. To do so you need to know a few things that make or break a faucet and you can then have a clear idea of what to look for in a faucet before getting your hands on one.

Build :

The most important factor that has to be considered while investing in a faucet is it’s durability. If you are spending well then you might consider a product that will last. The durability of the faucet largely depends on the materials used in the construction of the faucet. The best ones are made of brass but they are expensive too. Brass will last you a lifetime and you do not have to worry about the faucet build. But if your budget does not permit a brass build or you want a model that has a metal build, it will be durable as well. But make sure not to compromise on the product by choosing a lesser expensive model that uses plastic in its internal parts. A zinc alloy that is often used should also be avoided.

Faucet Cartridges :

Second to the construction material that determines the durability of the product is the make of and the type of faucet cartridges. A faucet cartridge regulates the water flow as well as controls the temperature. The faucet cartridge is the part that undergoes maximum wear and tear. Hence if your faucet manufacturer does not cover the cartridge in the warranty it is most likely to be wearing out fast. With ceramic disc valves making their way into the market, this problem has been largely solved and you can be rest assured that it would last you a lifetime.

Faucet Aerator :

The faucet aerator is a simple part situated at the tip of the faucet doing some of the most complicated tasks. Though the main task is to control the stream of water, in single all in one units it has multiple tasks. As both the faucet and the spray head share the same aerator in such units, the aerator not only prevents splashing of water but also shapes the water to the correct stream, increases the water pressure to the desired level in case of low water pressure, silences the noise from a kitchen faucet and at the same time the filter part of the aerator aids in saving water. The old aerators have been largely replaced by new advanced ones which can resist hard water deposition and are much easier to clean.

Spray Heads :

Apart from the separate faucet units wherein an additional spray head with hose serves the purpose, the pull out and pull down units are more space efficient models. Choose faucet units that have automatic retractable spray units and have guaranteed leak proof. You need to figure out if the length of the hose mentioned in the unit suits your needs. Most spray head units with the hose pipes are made to last and some even have a toggle feature wherein you can switch from the stream mode to spray mode or even pause when required.

Water Flow :

The kitchen faucet has to be the most efficient faucet in the entire house. While there has to be a standard water flow that would not interrupt with the job that has to be done, water wastage should also be considered while buying a faucet. Even the slightest and the most unnoticeable leakage can lead to the wastage of thousands of gallons every year. Generally a water flow less than 2.5GPM is considered to be worth going for. Faucet levers, the toggle switch in spray heads aid in water flow adjustments and add to the conservation of water.

Faucet Escutcheon :

Faucet escutcheon is a decorative deckplate that is used to cover the extra holes in the sink. If you are going for a faucet that fits in a single hole but have a multiple hole sink then the escutcheon solves the problem. Most faucet units come with the escutcheon or you can get one matching the faucet finish.

Design And Finish :

The types of faucets available has already been mentioned earlier. You can choose the design that suits you as well as the decor of your kitchen. You need to choose the finish wisely too. Choose a finish that not only goes with your kitchen decor but also resists spots and finger prints and would require less of maintenance while keeping the finish and shine intact for a longer period of time. Chrome or stainless finishes goes almost with every decor and do come in spot resistant variations, while brushed nickel gives a retro look, bronze a more traditional look and black adds a touch of contemporary element to your kitchen.

Installation :

Most faucet units come with easy installation DIY kits that can be dealt with easily and would not require professional intervention. You need to check your faucet instructions carefully before buying one as this might be a matter of concern.


So now it would be easy for you to decide which kitchen faucet would best suit your needs. You can choose from one of the faucets mentioned in the list of best kitchen faucet 2020 or with the help of the factors that make or break one you can choose one from the thousands of variants available in the market.