Best American Standard Kitchen Faucet Reviews

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American Standard kitchen faucets are known for providing years of ease and functionality when it comes to filling pot or washing dishes and other daily kitchen activities. The faucets are also ADA compliant, which means they are more comfortable and safer for people with limited mobility. On the other hand, it also offers four different spray patterns that help you to take control of your assorted kitchen tasks.

American Standard has all in its bag to improve the quality of daily kitchen tasks. Faucets that operate without having to touch them at all, some of it offer pull down spray head that work efficiently when it comes to washing dishes. Apart from that bar faucets, pull out faucets and what not they have to suit your preferences. You must be here because you already prefer American Standard but a bit baffled about which faucets to choose. Well, here we are going to analyze seven best American Standard kitchen faucets to end your confound.

Best American Standard Kitchen Faucet

Best American Standard Kitchen Faucet Reviews

#1. American Standard 4175.300.075 Colony Soft Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

This pull-down kitchen faucet of American Standard is made of stainless steel and also features brass construction. As we know brass is naturally corrosion and scratch resistance that means it can withstand prolonged exposure to water. Now that is the quality we look for before anything in a kitchen faucet. Apart from that, the colony faucet has different spray pattern with pause feature for various type of kitchen tasks.

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The design is very classic and not very overwhelming. Spout Height is 14.63 inches while the Spout Reach is 8.94 inches. In case if you have a double sink it is capable of accommodating water flow into both the bowls as it swivel 360 degrees. But continuous swiveling isn’t recommended.

  • Corrosion and scratch resistance.
  • Adjustable spray pattern with handy pause feature.
  • Lever handle is ADA-approved.
  • The faucet also comes with ceramic disc valve, which is known to provide smooth handle control and makes it a maintenance free faucet.
  • It has lifetime function warranty.

  • Some customer complained about its short life span (1.5 – 2 years)
  • Once the valve is damaged, it is inaccessible to repair.
  • The design still has room for improvement when it comes to durability.

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Well, there are several complaints about the faucet’s durability but setting it up is also very important. There are instructions about putting silicone cork and plumbers putty beneath the mounting plate. Also too much swiveling of the faucet is not recommended. If you set it up properly and keep a thing or two in mind about its maintenance, the American standard colony faucet is worthy of overseeing the few cons of it.

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#2. American Standard 6409170.002 Monterrey Top Mount Gooseneck Kitchen Faucet

This 8 Inch Gooseneck Kitchen Faucet from American Standard is great if you are looking for very smooth wrist blades. Well, we all know how smooth wrist blades come handy when we are doing gross kitchen task like cleaning a fresh slaughtered fish or meat, smooth blades just allow us to do the movement with our elbows. Apart from that brass construction for scratch resistance and ceramic disc valves are also common in this faucet.

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If you are also little worried about water consumption, 1.5 gpm Pressure-Compensating Aerator will help you with that purpose. Another, problem we all face because of low quality metal constructed home improvement product that they contain “lead”, and “lead” may cause major health issues like kidney and brain damage, anemia etc. We are speaking of this because the Gooseneck Kitchen Faucet contains only equal to 0.25% or less than total lead content by weighted average of it. That is negligible and won’t create health issues. Let’s move forward to Pros and Cons of this American Standard Kitchen Faucet.

  • Very Smooth Wrist Handles
  • Brass construction for scratch resistance
  • 5GPM pressure, good for water conservation
  • “Lead” free built to avoid health issues
  • Ceramic disc valves for better performance

  • Despite of being brass construction you may experience scratches on the faucet part.
  • Doesn’t move quite fluidly between sinks

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The two very strong point of this American standard Gooseneck Kitchen Faucet allow us to ignore the negative points or kind of live with it, which are smooth wrist handles, one of the most useful features of a faucet and the second one is lead free built. So, if you like the design you may surely go for it.

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#3. American Standard 4205001.002 Reliant+ 2.2 GPM Kitchen Faucet

All American standard kitchen faucets have brass construction, ceramic disc valve and ADA approved handles for those who are disable, in common. Yet, only some of them are mentioned in this list for something uncommon. Well, this Reliant Single-Control Kitchen Faucet has the strongest built comparing to other two that has been mentioned above. If you are looking for a faucet that can withstand heavy usage, this reliant faucet from American standard is certainly the one.

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It comes with one handle and has a flow rate of 2.2 GPM. The design is also very casual and not overwhelming. In terms of décor or design if you like to keep things simple, this is definitely a go to option.

  • Very Durable
  • Simple Design and goes with any décor
  • Also includes separate deck-mounted spray
  • Easy Installation

  • This model has experienced quality control failure sometimes.

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Other than quality control failure we couldn’t find much negative things about this American Standard Single-Control Kitchen Faucet. The faucet can also be used in commercial places; the built of it is that strong. In one line, it has been made to withstand heavy usage.

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#4. American Standard 4175300F15.075 Colony Soft PULL-DOWN Kitchen Faucet

This is the second pull down kitchen faucet from American Standard that is worthy of mentioning. It offers adjustable spray pattern with pause features. The memory position valving feature provides preferred temperature of water. Brass construction and ADA approved handle is also common.

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The installation process is easy and less time taking. The one thing you should know before purchasing this model that it has low flow rate and especially made for water conservation. In case you like the design but actually looking for a faucet with strong flow rate, you may remove the restrictor by consulting with a plumber. It comes with 1.5 GPM flow rate, 14.63 inches long spout height and 8.94 inches long spout reach.

  • Built material stainless steel
  • Long spout height (14.63 inches)
  • Adjustable pull down spray pattern with pause feature
  • Ceramic valving for easy temperature control
  • Brass construction for scratch resistance
  • ADA approved for disable people

  • Not for heavy kitchen work
  • The internal plastic clip is faulty
  • The stream is little weak

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This faucet is certainly not for heavy kitchen duty as it has flow restrictor to make it soft. If strong water flow is your preference, you shouldn’t buy this faucet, if you like soft flow go for it anyways.

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#5. American Standard 7298.252.002 Heritage Wall-Mount Kitchen faucet

This one is straight up from American Standard’s heritage collection. It is a perfect faucet from American Standard for traditional kitchen in terms of design. The faucet also meets the requirement of safe drinking act of America while having a durable brass construction. Aren’t they all have brass construction? We talked much about it already. Let’s focus on the unique points of it.

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The handles and the faucet both are to be wall mounted and has a flow rate of 2.2 gallon per minute. Now, one thing may come to your mind about a wall mounted faucet that what will be the distance between wall and spout? Well, it is near about 3’ inch, which shouldn’t cause any problem. For smooth handle operation it also comes with ceramic disc valve technology and moreover it can also be used commercially as the company claimed it has the capability to endure heavy kitchen tasks.

  • Good if you want an antique look for your kitchen
  • Great for big sink
  • The handles operate smoothly
  • Durable brass construction to withstand heavy commercial kitchen duty
  • Great choice if you want a wall mount faucet

  • Weak plastic sleeve to lock the spout to the fitting
  • It may not fit properly if you have old pipes

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This heritage collection faucet is built to take the heavy work and used commercially. The design is simple, different and attractive. Also handles are ADA approved and follows safe drinking act. So, if are thinking about bringing some heritage look to your traditional kitchen, this is the go to option.

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#6. American Standard 4332.410.002 Pekoe Bar Faucet

This Pekoe Bar Faucet with pull down spray from American standard comes with swivel spout and brass construction. The lever handle is made of metal and the spout height (276mm) is longer comparing to other faucets that has been mentioned in this list. The faucet also comes with 28. 75″ long braided flexible supply hoses including the connectors, so that you don’t have to spend extra money while installing it to your kitchen.

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However, this pull down faucet misses the pause feature and also costly comparing to other pull down faucets in this list. That is maybe it comes with long braided flexible supply hoses unlike others. If you don’t want go through the hassle of finding a suitable supply hose for your new faucet, you may well sacrifice the pause feature. The Pekoe collection of American Standard is especially made for modern kitchen, both in terms of design and durability.

  • Sleek design perfect for modern kitchen
  • Comes with 28. 75″ long braided flexible supply hoses unlike other faucets
  • Long spout height
  • Easy Installation
  • Adjustable spray patterns
  • Drip free feature to last long

  • Missing the pause feature very unlikely for American standard pull down faucet
  • The volume of the flowing water is less, may take longer to fill a pot comparing to other faucet.
  • Doesn’t come with a bottom plate.

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well, the pekoe collection of American Standard is known to go with modern kitchen design. As we have mentioned earlier, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of finding a supply hose separately and also if you don’t need a bottom plate with the faucet. You may certainly go for it as it has no other negative points to consider.

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#7. American Standard 4275551.002 Colony 2.2 GPM Kitchen Faucet

This is another colony kitchen faucet from American Standard but with double handles and chrome finish. It will certainly compliment casual styled kitchen in terms of design. The spout height is very long, around 12 inch, the longest we have ever seen from American Standard. Installation is also easy; no plumbing knowledge required fitting it correctly, just follow the instruction properly and be done with it.

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The gooseneck swivel spout of the faucet will definitely help you with extra clearance. The colony faucet also sports separate deck spray, which is unique feature in an American Standard faucet. It has the flow rate and water consumption rate of 2.2 gallon per minute. The faucet is also NSF 61/9 compliant.

  • Perfect product if you use portable dish washer
  • No plumbing knowledge required, easy installation
  • NSF 61/9 compliant
  • The sprayer provides good water pressure
  • Value for money

  • Doesn’t go well with tank less water heater
  • The hot valve of the faucet doesn’t work well; you may need replacement time to time.
  • Doesn’t fit well on granite counter tops

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If you don’t have a tank less water heater or granite counter tops, you may well go for this faucet. As American Standard offers lifetime warranty on the functionality, the hot valve is not an issue because American Standard will provide replacement in no time. Design wise the faucet is great for casual styled kitchen. You can also try this faucet if you have a portable home.

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Why should you choose American Standard Kitchen Faucets?

Design: Apart from the quality American Standard pay great attention to design. They have different collections like Colony, Pekoe, Heritage etc. to suit different types of décor. Not just look wise, American standard also pay attention to the design in a way that can actually help you to perform the daily kitchen task with ease.

Solid Construction: Well, all faucets have a little bit of plastic in them unless they are very expensive. American Standard faucets are no different but if you compare its low range and mid range kitchen faucets with other company’s product, you will definitely notice that AS has better brass construction to withstand long term exposure to water and heavy usage.

Wide range of products with ADA approved lever handles: ADA approved lever handles are very important for those who have limited mobility or are disable. And American Standard provides wide range of collections from pull down faucets to antique looking faucets with ADA approved lever handles.

From commercial places to small kitchens, you can notice American Standard is providing solutions for many years. So, there are countless reasons to trust their quality and brand value.


In terms of design American Standard kitchen faucet tries to compliment all types of décor. Moreover, the lifetime functionality warranty can help you avoid good many hassles when you need a replacement. Mostly, when researching about AS kitchen faucets, we found complaints about specific models, that is just bad luck! However, if you happen to face any kind of situation like that, American Standard customer service is agile enough to solve it in few days. Just choose the best kitchen faucets that suits your preference and also compliment your decoration that is all!

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