Best Black Kitchen Faucets 2020 : Reviews and Buying Guide

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With the traditional designs giving way to modern and contemporary kitchens, black is the colour of the day. Not only do they add the modern touch to the kitchen very easily but they go with almost every color code that graces your kitchen. Black is also easy to maintain. People are no more skeptical about using black more and more consumers are going for black kitchen faucets these days. Hence most renowned companies have their share of black matte finish kitchen faucets and here’s a list of the best ones of 2020 that are doing the rounds.

Our Best Black Kitchen Faucets 2020

Best Black Kitchen Faucets 2020 Reviews

Founded in 2010, Pfister is a well-known name when it comes to the manufacturing of kitchen and bathroom faucets. With a vast experience in this field, the Pfister has come up with the first of it’s kind innovative kitchen faucet, wherein the handle has been incorporated into the whole faucet essence to create a single fluid form. The Pfister has taken the design of this black kitchen faucet to a different level altogether and converted it into a work of art, such that it will attract your attention in almost no time and give your kitchen an artistic touch.

The Pfister GT529-IHB Kai features a high arc goose neck spout and a unique diamond pillowed patterned pull down spray. The pattern or texture adds elegance to the design and enhances the grip of the pull down spray. The goose neck spout enhances the clearance area under the spout and the reach. The pull down spray can be adjusted to stream, spray and pause mode single handedly with the help of toggle buttons at the mouth of the spout. The stream mode acts as a vessel filler while the spray mode aids in rinsing and you can just pause and prevent the wastage of water when not in use. The pull down spray automatically retracts to its original position and you do not need to do it manually. You can swivel the spout to 360 degrees thereby maximizing the working space and adding greater access to various areas of the sink. The faucet has a spout height of 11-9/16”, a reach of 9-9/16” and a flow rate of 1.8GPM.

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The black kitchen faucet has a solid industrial grade metal construction and has guaranteed leak proof ceramic disc valves that adjust the water pressure as well as the temperature.

The faucet is suitable for single hole installation and can also be adopted for 3 hole installation with the help of a deck plate that has to be purchased separately. The faucet installation kit includes  36” integrated nylon supply lines with 3/8” female fittings.

The Pfister kai complies with NSF/ANSI 372 and abides by the lead content requirements for “lead-free” plumbing as defined by the laws of California, Vermont, Maryland and Louisiana State and the US safe drinking water Act. It also meets the requirements of ADA for accessibility to all disabled persons.

The faucet comes with a Pfister Pforever Lifetime warranty on the finish and the function of the black kitchen faucet. If the faucet is being used commercially then the warranty period is limited to 10 years.

  • Unique single solid fluid design
  • High arc spout neck with 3 functions pull down spout
  • Easy installation
  • Ceramic disc valves and metal construction
  • ADA, Cal Green, NSF compliant
  • Pfister Pforever lifetime warranty

  • Expensive

The only pull out kitchen faucet to make it to our list of best black kitchen faucet is also from the house of Pfister. This pull out faucet is from Pfister’s Shelton collection which is famous for its bold solid lines with clean geometric form that adds sophistication to the design. The faucet allows for unobstructed viewing and prevents splashing of water due to its compact design. It comes with a similar black matte finish top filling soap dispenser that compliments the faucet to the “T”. The faucet calls for easy single, double,triple or four hole installation with the option of an additional deckplate.

A single lever handle controls all the functions of adjusting the water temperature as well as the pressure of water flow.

The spout has a 360 degree swivel for maximum maneuverability. The pull out mid-arc spout head can be toggled between spray and stream options easily. It calls for single handed operation and retracts to its original position once the job is done. It has a spout height of 8.4”, a spout reach of 8.7” and a flow rate of 1.8GPM. The EZ clean spray head lets you clean the head of any mineral or calcium deposition with the simple rubbing of your fingers.

The Pfister FWKP701B Shelton pull out faucet has a brass construction and the Pforever Seal  leak proof ceramic disc valves which makes it durable and suitable for prolonged use. The finish as well as the function is backed by the Pfister Pforever Lifetime Warranty that will take care of almost everything.

The Pfister FWKP701B Shelton is very easy to install. It comes with a detailed instruction manual and easy to connect hoses. The installation is a simple “do it yourself” thing and you do not need professional help.

The Pfister FWKP701B Shelton meets the low lead standards as set by NSF and is ADA and CEC compliant.

  • Compact design with matching soap dispenser
  • Pull out spout head with spray and stream options
  • Easy installation
  • Ceramic disc valves and brass construction
  • ADA, CEC, NSF compliant
  • Pfister Pforever lifetime warranty

  • Expensive

Founded in 2007, Kraus has taken an important part in revolutionizing affordable kitchen and bathroom designs. The Kraus KPF-1610MB is a member of the Kraus Bolden series. The Bolden series boasts off ansforming your kitchen to a completely new level of culinary work space experience wherein it beautifully merges the look of a professional black kitchen faucet with the convenience of a pull down sprayhead. The black matte finish is corrosion and rust resistant.

The compact faucet with an industrial style open spring spout has a height of 18″ which comfortably fits in under any kitchen cabinet. This is accompanied by a 22″ long pull out nylon hose that will enable you to reach any area in the sink with equal ease. The pull out hose is smooth and retractable. The hose end in a dual mode spout head with a rocker switch. The rocker switch aids in switching over from the spray mode to the stream mode. The mouth of the spout head has soft silicon nozzles that can be easily cleaned with the rubbing of fingers and prevents hard deposition of minerals and limestone which results in blocking of the water flow. The spout can be moved 180 degrees for easy access.

The handle comprises of a single lever that operates upto 90 degrees in the forward direction so as to bring about easy installation even in tighter compact places with no requirement for back splash clearance.

The Kraus Bolden KPF-1610MB has a solid heavy duty brass built, best in industry ceramic cartridges and backed by the limited lifetime warranty you can actually vouch for the quality and durability of a Kraus product.

The Kraus Bolden KPF-1610MB meets the standards set by NSF and is ADA,Cal Green and CEC compliant to name a few.

Overall, a very handy and long lasting product that will add a professional approach to your kitchen, the Kraus Bolden KPF-1610 MB is definitely worth invcesting in.

  • Compact professional design
  • 18″ arc fits under any kitchen cabinet
  • Heavy duty brass construction
  • 22″ pull out hose
  • ADA, CEC, NSF compliant
  • Limited lifetime warranty

  • High arc can cause splashes
  • Expensive

With quite a few awards in its kitty for it’s simple yet motivating innovations, Delta is a popular brand and this Delta Essa Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Faucet stands testimony to the reputation that Delta stands for. The Delta Essa 9113-BL-DST has a sophisticated yet minimalistic approach towards it’s design. This soft take on the european design is the focal point of the look that adds elegance to your kitchen.

The Delta Essa 9113-BL-DST is a high arc pull down faucet that swivels 360 degrees. The pull down faucet is equipped with a 20″ flexible hose and a MagnaTite Docking system that enables the spray wand to snap back to the docking station smoothly. The magnet holds the spout head in position and prevents it from drooping.The spout head has soft rubber spray nozzles that will allow you to simply wipe off the mineral build up without much effort. The Delta pull down spray wands come free with a gentle tug that gives you maximum flexibility. The two function spray wand can be easily toggled between the spray and the stream mode with the help of an ergonomically placed switch.

The Delta Essa 9113-BL-DST has a single lever handle for operation. This handle controls both the temperature as well as the pressure of water flow. The Delta Diamond Seal technology is one of the best in the industry and last twice as long as the standard cartridge and reduces the leak points. This coupled with the brass construction of the faucets brings about durability to the product.

The Delta Essa 9113-BL-DST can be easily installed in a single or a three hole installation unit and the kit comes with InnoFlex PEX one piece supply lines that not only add to the ease of installation but eliminates the risk of leaks as well. It has a flow rate of 1.8GPM @60psi.

The Delta Essa 9113-BL-DST is ADA compliant and is backed with Delta Faucet’s Lifetime Limited warranty.

  • Sleek Euro Design
  • MagnaTite Docking System
  • Delta Diamond Seal Technology
  • ADA compliant
  • Limited lifetime warranty

  • Low pressure

Any company’s motto will tell you a lot about the company. Moen has a simple motto of designing and delivering beautiful products that will last a lifetime. The Moen 7594BL Arbor is a proof of the fact that Moen succeeds in delivering what it aims for. The Moen 7594BL Arbor has an elegant design tailored to perfection with a gentle curve in the handle that adds a bit of flare and a distinctive Moen touch. The design suits almost all decorating styles. The handle has a nice smooth grip and aids single handed operation.

The high arc design facilitates the cleaning and filling of large utensils and the pull down spout head, with a ahose length of 68″, provides the necessary maneuverability to reach different areas of the sink effortlessly and with ease. Once released the hose return to its original position smoothly and docks the spout head securely to the docking station. It has a maximum flow rate of 1.5GPM.

The dual function heavy duty spray can be switched between spray and stream mode. The Power Clean option intensifies the water flow for more efficient rinsing with just the push of a button while reducing backsplash. It is said to be 50% more powerful than standard Moen faucets without Power Clean.

The Moen 7594BL Arbor can be easily installed with the help of the Duralock Quick-Connect Installation system. This calls for hassle free and leak proof installation without the need of professional help.

The Moen 7594BL Arbor complies by ADA and meets the current legislation, including ab1953 (california) and s152 (vermont).

The Moen faucet is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Elegantly curved handle
  • 68″ pull down hose
  • Power boost technology
  • ADA compliant
  • Limited lifetime warranty

  • Low Flow rate
  • Metal construction not as durable as brass

With more than 100 years of experience backing it along with 50 manufacturing locations over a spread of 6 continents, Kohler has earned a name for itself and a Kohler product can always be relied up on. The Kohler K-596-BL Simplice is a combination of innovative design and exceptional ergonomics and functionality.

The Kohler K-596-BL Simplice is a high arc gooseneck faucet with a sleek body and an ergonomically designed curved handle. The spout rotates to 360 degrees proving maximum working space. The pull down spout head’s pro motion technology uses a light quiet nylon hose and ball joint to make the spray head use easier and more comfortable. The Dock Nekit technology allows the hose to retract smoothly and secures the spray head tightly to position with the help of a magnet. The spray head can be toggled between stream spray and pause options. It also boasts off the boost technology wherein it can increase the intensity with which the water flows. The boost increases the water flow by a whooping 30%.The angled nozzles form a wide powerful blade of water to sweep your dishes and sink clean with its sweep spray technology. The spray head is equipped with a master clean spray face that prevents building up of minerals on the surface and enables easy cleaning.

The Kohler K-596-BL Simplice has a solid and durable metal construction and leakproof ceramic disc valves. It has a temperature memory which allows you to turn the faucet on and off at a particular temperature set during prior use.

The Kohler K-596-BL Simplice calls for easy installation and the flexible supply lines as well as the installation ring comes with the unit. This is a budget faucet comes in range of $200.

The Kohler K-596-BL Simplice is ADA compliant and has a limited lifetime warranty.

  • ProMotion with DockNekit technology for smooth operations
  • Boost technology
  • Sweep spray
  • Ceramic disc valves
  • ADA compliant
  • Limited lifetime warranty

  • Low Flow rate @1.5GPM
  • Metal construction


If you really think of comparing the models mentioned in our list of best black kitchen faucets 2020, you would find out that most of them have the latest features and a durability backed by a lifetime warranty that will definitely stand the test of time. All the black kitchen faucets are from reputed companies in which you can rely on completely if you face any problem while use. So basically you are left to choosing the option that suits you or attracts you in terms of the design. Once you have decided on that, any of the above mentioned faucets in out list, would give you a lifetime hassle free experience. So be prepared for the culinary workspace experience you always dreamt off.

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