Best Moen Kitchen Faucet Reviews

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Your kitchen is your pride, it is the section of your home where people look for coming up with some taunts for you but you cannot just let them offer you the words you do not deserve. You cannot miss a single thing to be ugly specially the faucets. Along with the beauty, quality, comfort and durability of the kitchen faucet is the prime factors to be considered. It always gets difficult to keep all these points in mind and then go for sorting out and selecting the best kitchen faucet one for you. When you scroll down, you will be going through a list of faucets that has been sorted out of a large number of faucets that are in the market.

Our team has observed all the factors along with the reviews of the audiences already using it. after a well-organized research, we finally concluded with these eight best moen kitchen faucets in the market that will be a blessing for your comfort and the beauty of your kitchen. They belong to the Meon Company, all of them because this is a company that seeks to give your kitchen a very different style, beauty and comfort. You are going to love them. At the end of the article, we have a section describing the reasons and the factors that made us choose this particular company for your kitchen. Now just scroll, go through all the factors and then, it will be so easy to choose the kind of faucet you were looking for your kitchen.

Best Moen Kitchen faucet

Moen Kitchen Faucet Finish Editor Rating Buy Now
Moen CA87003SRS 1H SRS Spot Resist Stainless Check on Amazon
Moen 7594SRS Arbor One-Handle Pulldown Stainless Steel Check on Amazon
Moen 7185SRS Brantford Stainless Steel Check on Amazon
Moen CA87888 Chrome Check on Amazon
Moen 87999SRS 1H SRS KT Spot Resist Stainless Check on Amazon
Moen 7294SRS Spot Resist Stainless Check on Amazon
Moen 7425 Chrome Check on Amazon
Moen 7425 Spot Resist Stainless Check on Amazon

Best Moen Kitchen faucet Reviews 

#1. Moen CA87003SRS: –

This faucet so comes with the design of Annabelle family which sounds so perfect and elegant for your kitchen. You need not to worry about the cleaning of the faucet every night. It comes with spotless stainless-steel design to keeps it easy to clean. It offers us a pullout spray with a fine length to cover all the areas of your sink. It has a great pullout/ pulldown secure docking system for easy connectivity of the hook with the gives us multiple flow control for all kind of tasks to be done. You get aerated stream for everyday cleaning, powerful rinse for heavy tasks and quick filling of water. You also get the pause button to stop flow of water when not in need, the single handle helps you control the flow of water easily. Its power clean spray provides 50% more power than a usual pulpit faucet.

  • Great design from Anabelle family.
  • Great for heavy and quick activities.
  • Multiple flow control and easy to access pausing system to save water.
  • Easy to control flow of water.

  • Does not have finger touch control for the water spray
  • Docking system is not with magnetic connection.

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Verdict: –

the first thing you would love about the faucet is surely the design. It offers us all the major features that are necessary for all kind of activities you need to do with it. the cons you have observed above are some of the improvements that might have been possible with the faucet but they would have resulted in an increment of its price so for the price it offers, it gives us everything at its best.

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#2. Moen 7594 SRS: –

Another faucet with another fascinating and truly amazing design along with all the major facilities you seek. The Moen 7594SRS faucet offers us a pull-out hook of 68 inches of length. The length is certainly enough for all the tasks to be executed in the kitchen and also for all kind of filling and cleaning purposes. It two major flow settings of stream and flow. The power it offers is unbeatable and a very impressive thing to ease your cleaning process and the time you spent filling water at regular speed. It has a fine docking system and can be installed with one or three holes so no worries with the installation. Its quite easier than your think. The spot resistant design is easy to maintain. The durability of this faucet is of no doubt, it is going to last longer and longer because along with this product, you will get a limited life time warranty.

  • Multiple flow control of spray and stream.
  • Power cleaning for easy cleaning and quick filling of water
  • Easy installation
  • 68 inched hose for complete sink access.

  • Magnetic docking is missing.
  • No finger sensing control.
  • No temperature control settings.

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Verdict: –

the cons are again just some improvements available for the faucets which have not been introduced. If you do not seek any of these improvements, this faucet is a great choice for you in terms of designs features and durability as well. Its limited lifetime warranty is a proof of how confident the company is on their product.

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#3. Moen 7185 SRS: –

This faucet is one of my personal favorite design and you also get to choose multiple colors in it. You get about three major colour options of stainless steel, chrome and oil rubbed bronze design. Of course, the prices will be different for different colors but you can choose the one you like the most. Here again the power boost technology gives us the quick cleaning and filling of water. The faucet is equipped with the reflex system for smooth operation, easy movements and secure docking. One-lever handle makes it quite easier to control the water flow. With this product, you get three flow actions, powerful rinse for heavy-duty cleaning, aerated stream for everyday cleaning and boosted stream for boosted rinsing. It also features the Dura lock system for very quick installation of the faucet. It also complies with American Disability Act which is a good social effort by the company. Here again, you get a limited lifetime warranty that will take care of your faucet for a long period of time.

  • Reflex system for quick movement and smooth operation.
  • Three flow control for different purposes and functions.
  • Limited lifetime warranty

  • Traditional designs are affordable, two sensor designs are a bit expensive.
  • In some faucets, a little gap between faucet and the hose is observed

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Verdict: –

Multiple options are always great, here you can choose the kind of colour you want. The design is great and the price is also decent for the traditional design. The features of the faucet are enough reliable for everything to be done in your kitchen. The faucet is not so technically advance but it lacks nothing you can do with them and not this one.

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#4. Moen CA 87888: –

I love this company for all the designs it has this one faucet comes to you with a two-handle lever design. The pullout hose is of enough length to cover every inch of your sink. The dura lock installation system makes it super quick to install and use. It comes with multi flow system of the usual two settings of stream flow and spray. The two-lever system makes it easy to control the flow from either side and gives us powerful flow for quick and effective cleaning. The most important feature yet to be introduced is its price, its way cheaper than you think it should be. The cheaper price might indicate you that the product is of low quality but it has got least number of negative reviews so far or in the complete list. This one turns out to be a great option with lesser price and better features.

  • Very affordable price for the kind of facilities it offers.
  • Dura lock installation system for easy and quick installation
  • Dual flow settings of stream and spray

  • No magnetic docking system or reflex system is available
  • No lifetime warranty is provided with it.

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Verdict: –

for everyone who has a limited budget and seek all the major features of a faucet, this product is a blessing for them. The prices are cheaper than you can expect them to be. You get to operate all the major features but of course you cannot get every thing at this price. It lacks a few things like docking systems and warranty but they can be replaced if not of so used.

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#5. Moen 87999 SRS: –

The design of the faucet is a thing that you will love for sure but along with the design, there is another thing you will fall I love with and that is the price of the faucet. This is a thing that matters a lot with most of the audience. Along with these impressive factors, there are also certain things that you will have to miss with this faucet. It doesn’t offer us pull down faucet. It offers us two flow control with stream flow and side spray. It gives us a flow of 1.5 gallons per minute and also compiles on the American disabilities act. One thing you need not to worry about is its cleaning as it some with spot resistant stainless-steel design. It is easy to install and needs no plumber.

  • A price that can be afforded by anyone and everyone.
  • A very fine design that will turn your kitchen more beautiful
  • Spot resistant stainless-steel design is easy to clean.

  • Does not provide the pull-out hose for cleaning purposes.
  • No temperature or flow control system.

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Verdict: –

the design of the product is very beautiful; you will surely fall for it but this product is in this list only for those who has a very limited budget and seek to utilize it properly. You might not get all the comfort of a faucet but at this price, you can surely use it for all major purposes in your kitchen.

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#6. Moen 7294 SRS: –

once again we get the options to choose put of the four colors in which this faucet is available. You can choose out of chrome, matte black, oil rubbed bronze and spot resistant stainless-steel. Last one is my personal favorite. Here you get the pullout hose with very good length to cover the sink properly. It offers us two major modes of flow, stream and spray. The dura lock system helps in the easy connectivity of the faucet and the hose. The spot resist design keeps the faucet water spot and fingerprints free keeping its beauty alive. With this product, you get the limited lifetime warranty from the company. The product is extremely durable in case something happens, don’t worry you can claim the warranty and get it repaired.

  • Multi flow control with two settings of stream line flow and spray.
  • Dura lock system for easy connectivity of hose and the faucet.
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Four colors available
  • Spot resist design.
  • Decent price for the services it offers.

  • There have been a few complaints with the docking system.
  • A bit expensive.

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Verdict: –

in case you your budget is not an issue; you can surely go with this faucet without any second thought as it offers us all the features that are expected from any faucet. Its design is such a beauty that can fit in both modern as well as traditional kitchens.

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#7. Moen 7425 Chateau: –

the design of this faucet is very pretty and decent. Along with that, the rice of this faucet is much more decent. It is one of the cheapest faucets you can find with all basic facilities. With the “cheap”, I mean even less than a hundred dollars. It has a single lever for easy control with single flow of water. It provides us water at standard 1.5 gallons per minute. It is available in mirror like chrome finish. Even at this extremely low price, you get limited lifetime warranty for this product so no worries about its durability.

  • Cheaper price
  • Mirror like chrome finish
  • Limited lifetime warranty available.

  • Single flow control
  • No pulldown hoses.

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Verdict: –

once again we have a product for those who are a bit restricted with their budget. This one is one of the cheapest faucets available for you. A few features are missing with this faucet but with this price, they have provided us more than expected features. The limited lifetime warranty is such a blessing to get at this price range.

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#8. Moen 7565 SRS: –

the faucet is available in two technologies one is traditional and the other one two sensor technology. You get to choose out the four-color options available. It provides us reflex technology along with dura lock docking with multi flow settings. It also offers us multi flow setting for different purposes. Once again the company didn’t miss out the limited lifetime warranty on this produ     ct.

  • Multi flow control
  • Reflex system technology
  • Multiple color options

  • No magnetic docking system
  • A bit expensive

Buy this Moen Kitchen faucet at Amazon

Verdict: –

the product comes up with all the major functions that any faucet can offer. In case you want technically advance faucet, you can go for two sensor design. This faucet is a master piece and the best option for all those who have no restrictions with their budget and can afford it. this is one of the finest choices in terms of design and features both.

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Why to buy Moen Kitchen Faucets?

The answer is quite simple because this is a company that is ready to offer whatever you want. What are the factors to consider before buying the faucet? Price, flow options, flow control, color options, design, the company have taken care of all the factor. They have a faucet for all kind of needs. The tag line of the company says “Buy it for looks, Buy it for life.”. the company stands on their words and has provided us one of the most beautiful designs in the market along with a longer durability. They have provided a limited lifetime warranty on most of their product so that their customers need not to call plumbers again and again. For once, if we do not consider the words of the company, the customers who have already used them for so years also recommend it to everyone. Moen is everyone’s favorite once they have used it.

Conclusion: –

Everything related to a faucet have been improvised in the article. You have been provided with all the data and you need to figure out the best one for you. We have provided a faucet for all kind of customers. You can visualize your budget along with all the necessary features you are looking for in your kitchen faucet and at the end, I am sure you can easily find your favorite faucet in this list of best moen kitchen faucet. The faucet not only have their beauty at a different level, the company has also taken care of the budget and the features their customers will be looking for. You can also choose the design and color of your choice as per the faucet that suits your kitchen. Some faucets are also available with technically  advance systems with a bit higher price and if it fascinates you, you can surely consider them in your cart and book the best one for you now.

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