Best Oil-Rubbed Bronze Kitchen Faucets 2019 : Reviews and Buying Guide

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Best oil-rubbed bronze kitchen faucets : In order to get the classic look by adding some classic appliances and such other stuff, you must look after going a quality kitchen faucet. There are plenty of designs and types available in the market but you have to choose the best one to fulfill the need and gain plenty of advantages.

For most of the newcomers, it is hard to choose which one is most suitable to fulfill the need that’s why you can look after oil-rubbed bronze kitchen faucets. These are available at an affordable price point and you can get the need fulfilled with ease.

The first thing that everyone should notice during the purchase is the type of faucet and then look after the manufacturer and such other factors. To ease up the work for you, we are mentioning some pros a well as top 7 products available in the market. This method will help to get the right decision with ease.

Best Oil-Rubbed Bronze Kitchen Faucets Reviews 2019

Oil rubbed bronze kitchen faucets are available for bathroom, and kitchens mainly but here we will look after the kitchen one only. Kitchen makes big difference in ambiance so we are focusing on quality designs at affordable cost and we are also looking at their durability, built quality, manufacturer and reviews factors to ensure the safe purchase in a single go. Let’s begin with the list –

#1. Kohler K-780-2BZ Cruette Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Our top pick for the best Oil-Rubbed Bronze Kitchen Faucets goes to Kohler’s matt black model K-780-2BZ Cruette which is known for a smooth and simple finish to the kitchen. From design to working, everything seems perfect with this product which makes it better to consider over the selection of any other kitchen faucet.

Working is effective and you can find different design patterns and textures available in the same kind to expect the better working for your home. Having the three function spray head gives you a huge advantage with the working technology like you are able to change the amount of water coming out of faucet by making it divided into more drops.

  • Spray head offers adjustments to get the exact same need.
  • The installation process doesn’t take much time, easy to install.
  • It comes with a lifetime limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Along with the above-listed features, there are a few positive and negative points that you should be aware of before purchasing the faucet. So, go through these pros and cons and decide whether this is an ideal buy for you, or not.


  • Magnetic dock for additional safety
  • Lifetime warranty makes it a perfect choice for the buyers who are willing to invest in a longterm product
  • 3-function spray head for added functionality


  • Needs frequent maintenance

In case, you are willing to get the best one in all kind then you can easily rely on this product. It is simple, easy to use and absolutely great in design. Keep in mind that you check out the other models of the same kind to get what you exactly need for the kitchen. Knowing that it has a limited warranty for a lifetime, most of the people feel safe about the purchase.

As you look at other models in the same kind, you can find that they are cheaper in price. The only thing we hate about this product is expensive price tag which can be reduced by a few bucks and then this product will seem like the better choice. So, you can say that our top pick is perfect in all kind except the price tag.

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#2. Moen 7185ORB Brantford One-Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

A pull down kitchen faucet seems better choice because these are highly convenient to use and you can find that they work perfectly to reduce the hassle in the kitchen. Moen has a huge reputation in the industry for effective working and great design. In case, you don’t know whether to buy it or not then we have plenty of factors to ensure that why this one is better from our top pick.

The smart sensor is optional but you can buy them in addition to this one. In case, you have no plan to spend extra for such smart tweaks then you can go with the traditional kitchen faucet which has the oil-rubbed bronze finish. It cost a lesser amount than our top pick and feels like a better choice but there are some other features to look after –

  • It has a unique finish in all kind with rich and dark color.
  • Reflex system provides a smooth working and smooth operation totally.
  • Get faster clean with the boosted steam to wash dishes with ease.

Having a smart design means a lot when you want to get the best use and this one is offering all the basic features at a lower price point that’s why you can find it perfect to use. If you have ever used Moen products in the past then you may know that the brand credibility is high for this brand over other ones.

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To make the review complete, it is essential that you know about the pros and cons of the product before purchasing it. So, here are the pros and cons that you should be aware of.


  • Oil rubbed finish adds premium look toe very kitchen
  • Life-time warranty makes it an ideal choice for the buyers looking for durability
  • Retractable reflex system for smoother operation


  • Single handle design may not be everyone’s choice

With the limited lifetime guarantee from Moen, you can feel safe during the purchase. In other words, this product is made to last forever and you can buy it without a single issue. Installation won’t take much time also because you can find just one hose to connect and there are not many bolts to tight up to make this faucet work.

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#3. Delta Faucet Leland Single-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet

Our next pick for the list of best oil rubbed kitchen faucets is Delta Faucet Leland who is a single handle pull down kitchen faucet designed for the sink. There are two different models available in the same making it one of the reliable choices and you can find that it is way more beautiful than any other design available in the market.

Having the magnetic docking makes it perfect for snapping the kitchen faucet. With the Shield Spray technology, you can expect powerful spray which makes this product as the best one as compared to the other ones. The textured look of this faucet is extremely premium and if you compare it with other choices, you can find that it has a bronze gold finish under the black tone.

  • This faucet is designed to last double time of any other kitchen faucet.
  • Having the magnetic dock help snapping the dock at a same position forever.
  • Installation doesn’t take much time that’s why you can prefer it over others.

The manufacturer is offering lifetime warranty over the purchase of this product that’s why you can say that it is a better and highly reliable choice over the purchase of any other product. The design is super premium and it is considered as the most durable because the manufacturer says that they are using Patented DIAMOND Seal Technology which will reduce the leakage issues.

Even, just fewer replacements with the parts can make this product last way more than what manufacturer claims. It is also the cheaper choice as compared to the other types that’s why you can say that it is a reliable product over the purchase of any other. Keep in mind to look after the kitchen’s décor before buying it.

The delta faucet LeLand Single handle kitchen sink is a brilliant faucet to go with. However, there are a few points that you should know before purchasing it for your home. So, go through these pros and cons and know whether the faucet is a great buy for your home, or not.


  • Extremely easy to install and maintain
  • Patented diamond seal technology makes it last longer than other faucets in the range
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Expensive buy for the home owners

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#4. Moen 7545ORB Camerist Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet

Moen has one of the best brand reputations and you can find that they have one product already featured in this list. With the higher credibility of the brand, you can expect better features and effective working. The after sale services make them better to opt for that’s why you can also rely on them and eradicate all the issues.

In case, you are not about the finish, then don’t worry because the manufacturer is giving LifeShine finish guaranteed not to tarnish. It means that you will get a durable product in term of finish and effective working. Having the one handle lever at the top makes it look simple and perfect to use for the long term.

  • LifeShine finish guaranteed by the manufacturer for no corrode or flake off.
  • Unique bronze finish below the black colored tone makes it look unique.
  • Totally a different design with the single handle lever over the top of the faucet.

Using this faucet is easy and you can find a unique design. These types of faucets have a great impression but we call that subjective because they also depends upon the décor. If you are hiring a contractor for the interior designing then he/she can suggest you that what will fulfill the need in a perfect manner and why.

If the design is the major issue during the purchase, then you can opt for some other designs or different variants. The only issue we hate about this product is spray settings. Yes, you don’t get the spray settings as you were getting with the previous products mentioned in this list. Make sure to consider this factor.

So, these were the thing that you should know before purchasing the faucet for your home. However, apart from the features and great things about Moen 7545ORB kitchen faucet, there are a few more things like the pros and cons that you should be aware of before purchasing. So, here is the list of pros and cons that we came across while reviewing this amazing kitchen faucet. Have a look at them, and then decide whether you should buy it or not.


  • Brilliant design and oil rubbed bronze finish that perfectly goes with every kitchen interior
  • Efficient water flow rate to deal all kitchen needs
  • Lifetime warranty on finish


  • None so far

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#5. Delta Faucet 980T-AR-DST Pilar, Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Something down the choice but with the similar number of features that you can expect in a quality faucet is offered by one more Delta Faucet. Yes, Delta Faucet 980T-AR-DST Pilar, Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet offers something unique with the silver finish in pull-down kitchen faucet designs from a long time.

The effective working and qualities are a major factor but nothing is more important than design in this list. As we are looking at oil rubbed bronze kitchen faucet design than why this one? well, the finish is similar but it is offered in the silver color which makes it look unique and better as compared to the other popular choices.

  • One touch to turn it on as well as turn it off, simple but effective.
  • The Magna docking is helping you keep the spray wand at one place.
  • Easily wipe away all the contaminants stuck in the spray wand.

Design is a necessary to factor to consider but if you look at the wide spray wands which are making it work effectively, you can find many other kinds of stuff with this product. One best thing about preferring Delta Faucet is Touch-Clean soft technology. It is only equipped among the Delta Faucets which make cleaning easier.

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Now let’s talk about the pros and cons of the faucet that will help you decide whether you should invest your money to the faucet or not. Go through this list and then decide whether you should opt for this or go for the other faucets in the range.


  • Exclusive delta diamond seal that provides the faucet great durability
  • Extremely easy to clean
  • Temperature sensitive LED light


  • Expensive service and spares

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#6. Delta Faucet Addison Single-Handle Touch Kitchen Sink Faucet

With the pull down spray, you are getting the smooth use. There is a number of companies offering the same feature but the difference is with the smooth operation which makes each and everyone one of them different from each other. During the purchase from a local store, you can find a huge difference using the faucet.

There is magnetic docking which provides safer and easier use over any other product that’s why you can rely on it without a single issue. The spray wand has three different settings to change the amount of air mix in the water. This will give you a higher number of water drops in the spray cleaning every dish with ease.

  • Working is simple and effective.
  • Installation won’t take much time.
  • It will last two times than other products.

After installing a new kitchen faucet, you may want to test the magnetic dock. Well, it is absolutely great in term of working because it doesn’t fall down at all. When it comes to working, you can find that it works perfectly in all cases that’s why you can rely on it instead of preferring any other products from the market.

The design is awesome because you find a big dock at the end and the pull-down lever is somewhat simple but impressive in term of design. Such factors can make you get all the advantages of this faucet. You can choose between two different versions, a standard version and another one is Touch2O, which is touchless kitchen faucet.

Here are the pros and cons associated with the Delta faucet that you should know as a buyer before buying the faucet for your home. Also, if you are having doubts whether this faucet would be an ideal choice for your home, or not, going through these pros and cons will help you a lot in choosing the right path.


  • Highly efficient pull down sprayer
  • Magnetic docking for auto retractable feature
  • Premium looks


  • Expensive for normal homeowners

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#7. SHACO Single Handle Pull-Down Sprayer Oil Rubbed Bronze Kitchen Faucet

Finally the last one product on our list is from a totally different brand but it is popular due to the affordability option. You can find that there are plenty of types available in the market and one of the best among all is SHACO for a lower cost. Dual function faucet head makes it work perfectly that’s why you can find it reliable over the selection of any other.

Keep it in mind that the design is always the primary factor and you can’t choose anything else over this factor. For the better use, you can go with the quality designs like this one at a lower cost which will give you the best results. Even, you can rely on these products to grab the great deals without a single issue.

  • Available at an affordable price point as compared to the other ones.
  • Dual function faucet head gives the best use in all cases for the long term.
  • Comes with the 90 days replacement warranty in case of having an issue.

These are some major reasons which are enhancing the usability of SHACO Single Handle Pull-Down Sprayer Oil Rubbed Bronze Kitchen Faucet. It doesn’t matter how much your budget is, this product will definitely fit into the budget due to the cheaper price and great design. You can easily rely on it.

The easy installation feature makes it perfect over the purchase of any other product. If you want the best at a low cost then you can bet on this one. The durability is not a big deal with this product because lower cost means that you will get compromised in quality and durability factor. However, the feel of this faucet is premium in all the manners.


  • Great design
  • Extremely easy to maintain and replace
  • Perfect size for standard kitchens


  • None so far

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Reasons to Get Oil Rubbed Bronze Kitchen Faucet

As you look after the design, it is easy to find that oil rubbed bronze faucets have a key feature of a classic and rustic look with modern art inside. Not only it enhances the aesthetic character of a kitchen but it also boosts the design and it gives simplicity to the kitchen that’s why you can find it reliable over the selection of other ones.

It helps creating the ambience of warmth and having the sophisticated feel will make you love the place way more than before. Design is always the primary factor among everyone and if you want the best in all kind then you can rely on this type over the selection of any other. It feels awkward that how a small thing can make such a big difference.

Some people think that this costly product is not a reliable thing to buy but if you look at the durability, it seems like a pretty solid investment which will last for years like decades. Just changing a few parts after couple of years will make this faucet work like the new one. And, the last thing is, these are easy to clean and maintain.

The Final Verdict

The above mentioned seven products are best in best and you can easily rely on them. The built quality is great and you can get the best use without a single issue. Keep it in mind that you go with the reputed products always so that you don’t end up getting into any issue regarding the built quality and such other factors. Hope, this post of best oil rubbed bronze kitchen faucets will help you find the best design available in the market and avoiding all the issues in the future. Make sure that you don’t go for the cheaply priced products because they can set you in trouble of replacing parts and such other things.

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