Best Satin Kitchen faucets 2019 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Why all the fuss about kitchen faucets? Because they can affect your lives in the smallest ways possible. They are an essential way to manage water usage, cooking and cleaning up in this part of the house but if you fit any old faucet, you could be looking at big servicing bills for a very long time.

The American Water Works Association says that, on average, someone uses a faucet every 8 minutes – that’s how much we use them. They estimate indoor water use at 69 gallons per day, putting faucets at the third-highest contributor.

Best Satin Kitchen faucets Reviews

We put together a list of the Best Satin Kitchen faucets to help control water, save on installation and repair bills.

#1. Kraus KPF-1622-KSD-30SN Single Lever Pull Down Kitchen Faucet and Soap Dispenser Satin Nickel

Kraus says that their kitchen faucet collections are the definition of ‘style meets substance’. Each faucet is had entirely out of metal and features tops quality components like precision ceramic cartridge, water-efficient aerator for better water usage. You can control water control and temperatures using the lever handles.

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The design features clean lines, high-arch design, sleek and contemporary too that works with moderns and transitional kitchen alike. Fitting is a dream as it has this single-hole mounting that should fit all sinks.

And you can make your choice out of distinctive finishes to suit any kind of kitchen décor and all faucets are easy-clean, corrosion-resistant. For better functionality, this KPF-1622-KSD-30SN Single Lever Pull Down Kitchen Faucet has this ergonomic spray head that’s convenient and delivers an aerated stream.

With that you get a matching soap dispenser made out of100% lead-free brass for maximum durability, the self-priming pump swivels 360° and is refillable from above.

  • Lead-free all-metal construction
  • Convenient single-lever design for effortless flow control,
  • Ergonomic pull-down sprayer with secure docking & retractable hose with counter-weight,
  • High performance/low flow neoperl aerator, Kerox ceramic cartridge (Testedwith500,000 cycles),
  • Lead-Free All-Metal Construction, Convenient Single-Lever Design for Effortless Flow Control

  • lacks separate spray nozzle,
  • weight in faucet hose might impact flex hose,
  • might result in strong pressure,
  • could reach further to the middle of the sink

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This is a pretty, well-made faucet but doesn’t have a separate spray nozzle in a set, like we wanted. Still, it is a very neat design, and the nozzle is a pull-down one instead and might good for smaller sinks, or for those who want as few sink fixtures as possible. Some buyers have pointed out how Kraus has the best build quality out of all of the pricey faucets they’ve installed till date; they’re even happy with the overall design and finish as well.

They also pointed out how the faucet hose has a 1 LB weight attached to it it’s easier to pull down. They had removed the weight, as it had damaged the flex hose after some years. Others had wrapped the flex hose in electrical tape to protect it and carried on using the faucet with the weight. So, that’s one thing to remember.

Another thing is that this faucet is right for those who don’t want a button controlled sprayer but need a mobile faucet head to rinse out the sink.

As for the build, the metal is heavy, durable and smooth handles. But we felt that the handles were a bit too smooth as this can generate some pressure.That is, when we turned it on too quickly, it threw water out of the sink.Still, we thought that adjusting the water pressure might be able to fix this, should you run into the same thing.

Also, you have a 1-inch faucet head receiver so you can get a good grip on it. We do feel that the nozzle could reach further down to the middle of the sink. Then again, this could do with the sink we used; you probably might face this issue if you’ve got a really big sink, but can make do with a movable nozzle.

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#2. Blanco 442023 Artona Stainless Steel Pull-Down 1-Handle Kitchen Faucet

The 442023 Artona Stainless Steel Pull-Down 1-Handle Kitchen Faucet from Blanco makes the right impression with the right amount of class and style. It is part of the Artona series that has other colours for you to choose from.

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The entire series is big on sculptural design and will make a beautiful addition for transitional and contemporary kitchens. This 442023 Artona faucet has a soap dispenser, bar/prep faucet and, kitchen faucet.It is meant to go with all Blanco and Silgranit stainless steel sinks.

  • 2 gpm hidden dual pull-down sprayer,
  • 6 silgranit-matched colors,
  • Solid Brass body and ceramic disc cartridge,
  • Limited lifetime warranty

  • short water knob

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Buy one this faucet if you need a faucet to go with your Blanco sink. This one feels secure, strong and definitely a quality product. Performance-wise, it’s good too as you get a really good stream of water, the sprayer is amazingly strong and easy to control. What we wished could have been better is the knob for turning on the water, that is pretty short.

Overlook this and you get a matching soap dispenser, that’s easy to install. The head slides back into place effortlessly. We’re recommending this as a must buy.

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#3. Blanco CULINA 441332 Semi-Pro Brass Pull Out Sprayer

This kitchen faucet is the best bet if you want contemporary style and commercial functionality. It has won the Red Dot award for best design. This includes a tall, eye-catching goose neck faucet with a very high arc. Of course, it’s not all about looks, the design is an intelligent one too as pull out faucet hand spray holder that controlled with a magnetic, quick release system. So this makes it’s perfect for use with one hand and has better reach.

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The faucet and the pull-out sprayer is made out of brass, with a flexible steel spring spout and a durable ceramic disc cartridge for reliable, easy usage. You can fit the faucet on sinks with narrow sink back splash, as the valve doesn’t go all the way back.

  • pull out faucet has a 2.2 GPM flow rate,
  • award-winning design,
  • magnetic docking,
  • metallic construction,
  • easy installation

  • body coating begins erupting,

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Blanco crafts faucets for your lifestyle –right from preparing meals, filling water to washing dishes. We think that this faucet has all the right features for professional kitchens, and is big, durable and heavy-duty.

It has the strong magnet hold, good flow, sturdy build but its tough to find a middle level between strong flow and off. This might not be a concern, but what we did have trouble with was this coating on the body that began bubbling up. It’s not a cheap faucet and we don’t like how this looks.

We sent in for two more pieces – and one turned out to work for a short while till the spray switch gave way and stopped working. The third piece worked just fine, so we’re hoping those were flukes. Pretty odd for an award-winning faucet.

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#4. Danze D401157BS Opulence Single Handle Kitchen Faucet with Side Spray

Danze says that the D401157BS Opulence Single Handle Kitchen Faucet should do more than just wash things, it should complement the design of your kitchen. This black faucet is part of the Opulence Collection that has a range of other kitchen faucets, bar and, convenience faucets and pot fillers in smart styles that are elegant and graceful.

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Rich in beautiful, old-world detailing the faucet, this is the perfect match for elegant refined aesthetics and sophisticated spaces.

  • 12″ high spout, 9″ spout length,
  • Matching brass spray, 2 hole mount.
  • Maximum flow rate on aeration at 1.75gpm & side spray as temporary flow at 2.2gpm,
  • Meets CEC requirements

  • aerator that restricts water,
  • weak water flow

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The faucet is well made, no doubt but could use some improvements. One is the aerator that restricts water, often making the flow too low.You either have to buy another aerator/faucet end piece or a separator aerator.If you have hot water, this might make the water drip long after the faucet is shut off.

Putting these issue aside, it is easy to install and operates smoothly and looks great on the kitchen sink.

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#5. Kingston Brass KS1278PXBS Heritage Kitchen Faucet with Brass Sprayer in Brushed Nickel

Yet another smart, functional piece from Kingston Brass. The KS1278PXBS Heritage Kitchen Faucet is in brushed nickel finish with all the right architectural elements and detailing to fit stylised kitchens. Reliant as it is beautiful, it adds that touch of sophistication to all sinks.

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The faucet feels solid, with a swivel movement that’s easy to move and the knobs move perfectly. Even the squirt nozzle feels heavy but we don’t like the plastic trigger on it. It distracts from the whole metal design and we wished it was white porcelain or chrome metal.

  • Solid Brass Construction,
  • 8″ Spread 4-Hole Counter Mount Installation,
  • 8-3/4″ Spout Reach;
  • Counter Mount Brass Side Sprayer. Maximum of 1.8 GPM/6.8 LPM Water Flow Rate At 80 PSI (ASME standard),
  • Compliant with California Energy Commission Title 20

  • weak plastic squirt nozzle trigger,
  • lettering on handles come off,
  • individual holes required for all knobs

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It works nicely though so there’s no big deal about it. And in the time we used it, it felt like it would make a valuable purchase. It looked gorgeous, felt heavy indicating a certain degree of durability. If you feel hesitant when buying it, as the price feels too good to be true, please don’t.This could give you value for money.

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The letters on the handle aren’t stuck on well and come off especially the hot water-side. You need separate holes for all the knobs which could be a problem on some sinks. So be prepared with your standard cordless drill.

All in all, the brushed nickel was a good design idea as it matches everything and is s good upgrade from chromed plastic fixtures.

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#6. Pacific Bay Grandview Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Soap Dispenser in Chrome

Pacific Bay has an impressive line of matching the interior and exterior plumbing products, as well as entire collections. This Grand view Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet is one of them.Made from heavy grade heavy-duty commercial grade metal, the unit stays in place and fits various sink sizes and styles.It is just right for washing small dishes, huge pots, pans and, the polished blend goes with most kitchen décor.

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The design is streamlined for narrow, smaller sinks and that’s even with the dual setting pull-out sprayer, where you can switch between spray and stream modes. On the side, you have a single lever on the side that for easy usage, and to adjust temperatures, water flow. With three holes, you can install this easily, even do it yourself only with a screwdriver and wrench.

  • easy installation,
  • dual setting pull-out sprayer,
  • streamlined design,
  • side single lever for water and temperature control,
  • heavy grade heavy-duty commercial-grade metal construction

  • coating begins peeling around curved areas after some time

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We’ve heard of buyers preparing to shell out just on premium, high end and, costly faucets because they wanted a stylish faucet sitting on their sinks, kitchen island, till they came across the Grand view Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet. They really wanted good build, quality, a decent amount of features at a good price and they get that with this faucet.

The water pressure from after installing it on our test sinks was powerful, just. And it had us squinting our eyes, wiping water from our faces just from using the sprayer alone!! Sure, it looked great on the outside, but the actual quality of the faucet blew us away. The installation was a breeze too.

The pressure isn’t just good, it’s consistent as well.You can swivel it out of the way when doing bigger plates and pots.The hose faces down as opposed to outward, so it doesn’t stick or spray everywhere, and still can reach all ends of the sink. To return it, simply slip and clip it back in place – the clip stops the hose from going buck wild when you try moving it around.

Unfortunately, you need to buy covers for hose holes, in case you have extra ones open on your sink. The other issue is with the matte clear cost put on the entire thing. This begins peeling around the curved areas of the faucet like the water control handle and there’s not much you can do about it.

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Why Satin Kitchen Faucet is a better choice

Why Stain Kitchen Faucet are Value for Money: One definitive thing about Satin Kitchen faucets is that each model made by them is of top quality. They aren’t cheap but you will be investing in a faucet that can make all kitchens and add value by lasting you a very long time. Adding to which, they have various styles too, each with their own design features, super arched goose necks, expandable hoses and, good finishes. (if you don’t like a satin finish, you might prefer stainless steel faucets).


If you need a quality faucet that will last, has good features or at least the ones you need and not cost you anything extra, best Satin Kitchen faucet is your choice. Installing these faucets is simple, where you can DIY it for the smaller regular models. We suggest getting a plumber for the bigger, more complicated designs.

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