Decor Star TPC11-TO Contemporary 16″ Pull Down Spray Kitchen Sink Faucet Review

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If you check the market trend for the last few months, the demand for a low priced kitchen faucet is consistently high and when considering the demand for Décor Star TPC11-TO you will be surprised to find that this kitchen faucet was in demand from its launching. Yes, this oil rubbed style pull down kitchen faucet from Décor Star comes with several attractive features that is usually not found in any low priced faucets available on the market.

The high swivel spout that comes incorporated into this kitchen faucet itself is a feature that is surprising and unique. The overall style that the product represents is still left unchallenged even after many other products were released in the mean time. The spray head that comes attached to this product is coupled with a 22-inch retractable hose that makes this kitchen faucet extremely flexible for use. The product also comes with a flow control button that is placed in such a way that the user could access it easily to control the flow of water.

THE Décor Star TPC 11- TO kitchen faucet is made entirely of brass that is guaranteed to last long and is certified to be durable.  The flow control buttons placed on the spray head allows the user to control the type of flow from the spray head and pause the flow whenever required. The entire product comes certified and listed by top organizations like ADA, CA AB 1953, UPC, NSF, cUPC etc. This simply denotes that the product is reliable and durable.

Best Décor Star TPC 11- TO Features

The most attractive feature about the Décor Star TPC 11- TO kitchen faucet is its exterior style and finishing itself. However, unlike some of the top low priced kitchen faucets available on the market today this product does not come in different color variants, it only comes in an oil rubbed bronze color and finish.

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The swivel spout incorporated into this product could rotate 360 degrees and enables the user to access remote parts of the sink with ease. One of the notable things about this kitchen faucet is that it comes with a scratchproof and rust resistant body that is certified durable and long lasting. The manufacturer claims that the product is designed and coated with such materials that will not wear off or lose its properties with time, and the internal parts also come with the same properties as the outside parts.

Yet another thing about this kitchen faucet that surprised us is that the manufacturer provides 26-inch long hot and cold-water hoses, which is not something that comes with a low priced kitchen faucet. This kitchen faucet comes with a 22-inch retractable hose that is attached to the spray head thus enabling the user to clean every part of the sink and outside the sink. The spray head incorporated into this kitchen faucet comes with flow control button incorporated that allows the user to control the flow of the water as per user’s preference.

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Another thing that makes this low priced kitchen faucet unique is that it comes with a ceramic cartridge incorporated that ensures the product is drip free and the cartridges are tested and certified to last longer than a million cycles. One of the next notable features that really surprised us is that installing this kitchen faucet does not require any professional help; the user with the help of the installation manual offered by the manufacturer could do it easily.

  • This kitchen faucet is designed to deliver a maximum water flow rate of 1.8 GPM
  • The hose incorporated into this kitchen faucet has a total length of 22 inches
  • The entire product is made of brass
  • Could be installed in single or 2 holes
  • The lever in this kitchen faucet is placed in the right side of the faucet
  • The overall weight of this kitchen faucet is 5.65 pounds
  • The overall height of this kitchen faucet is 16 inches
  • The height of the spout is 8 inches
  • Reach of the kitchen faucet 8.15 inches

Things that you Need to know Décor Star TPC11- TO

This product is durable and is designed to last for a long time; however, the one thing that you should know is that instead of a magnetic docking system that is used in most of pull down kitchen faucets, this kitchen faucet spray head retracts and held at the right spot by the counter weight. This means, after a few years of use the product will slowly lose its efficiency and this, in turn, will result in the spray head annoyingly hanging out. Nevertheless, this issue will not arise for a LONG period and if the spray head is not frequently used, however, even if the issues arise, the replacement is easy and the spare parts are readily available.

Yet another thing that you should know is that the base plate that comes with the product has more than one hole, if you want to avoid the extra hole then you should consider purchasing an extra base plate. Nevertheless, getting an exact fitting base plate is not that easy.

Best Competitor for Décor Star TPC 11- TO

The Ruvati RVF1251RB Pullout Spray Single Handle Kitchen Faucet is a direct competition to the Décor Star TPC 11- TO. This product comes with ceramic disc Kerox cartridge incorporated that makes the faucet drip free, the cartridge is certified to last long and withstand a million cycles without losing its properties. However, if you are already satisfied with the features and qualities offered by the Décor Star TPC 11- TO kitchen faucet then you can stick on to purchasing Décor Star kitchen faucet itself.

Price changes

As already mentioned in the beginning, this kitchen faucet comes at a lower price range. One of the things that you should know is that the price of this product might not reduce any time soon and we do not expect the price to reduce than the one now. One of the reasons is because the product is still in demand today and the brand still has not launched any product similar to this product.

Why we would recommend this product

The Décor Star TPC 11- TO comes with features that are commonly not found in any other low priced product. However, the reason we recommend this kitchen faucet is not just the low price, it is because the product comes made of brass, which is coated to last for a long time. Yet another reason is that the installation and assembling of the product is very easy, the user just has to refer the manual offered by the manufacturer.

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Now, as mentioned above, the features that surprised us includes, the single lever that is placed at the right side of the faucet and the overall exterior style, color, and finish of the faucet. Yet another important feature is the high-quality flow control buttons that is placed on the spray head that allows the user to control the flow of the water while the spray head is pulled out. On the other hand, some people might find the lack of magnetic docking system an issue, but, as far as, we know most of the people who are using the product for a long time has not still reported any issues with their spray head or docking system.


The Décor Star TPC 11- TO kitchen faucet is one of the top low priced kitchen faucets available on the market today. If you are a person looking for such a product, then this product could be the best option for you.

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