Pull out vs. Pull-Down Bathroom Faucets

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Kitchen faucets are one of the most important things without which a kitchen is incomplete. They come in different types and different models, they come from different brands/manufacturers, and most of them could have the same basic specifications but different looks. However, this has made it too confusing and difficult to select the best product on the market and own it.

A majority of the manufacturers would have declared the specification and type description with the product, but to my experience, no brand/manufacturer has ever explained the difference between pull out and pull down kitchen faucet.  They find such things waste of time. However, most of the customers demand to know what the exact difference is and which type could benefit/suit them the most. You would be probably reading this article due to that reason. Now, let us not waste time. Below is everything you need to know about pull out and pull down bathroom faucet.

To be frank, Pull out and pull down have certain similarities and this makes it difficult for customers to differentiate the two types. However, reading the below-mentioned data would help you differentiate.

Pull out Kitchen Faucet

Pull out kitchen faucet are those types with shorter spouts that houses the spray head. However, this type of kitchen faucet comes with longer hoses that enable the faucet to be moved to many directions around the sink. This means the user could pull out the faucet, take it out of the sink, and use it to fill-in pots and pans outside the sink.

  • This kitchen faucet can be pulled out from the attachment and then can be taken around to sink to perform several functions.
  • The spouts of this type kitchen faucet are shorter so, it is best suitable with shorter sinks
  • Pull out kitchen faucets has the least splash back as the faucet comes with a spray head that is much more flexible.

  • This type of faucet is comparatively smaller and is not suitable for people with big hands.
  • Small sprouts make it impossible to fill taller items.

Pull-down Kitchen Faucet

Pull down kitchen faucet is the most attractive kitchen faucet available on the Indian market right now. Most of the people even without know the kind; prefer purchasing it for its looks. Yes, pull down kitchen faucets are very much taller than the pull out kitchen faucets.

The term tall here refers to the height of the spout, pull down kitchen faucets come with very tall spouts that enhance the look of the kitchen settings. This is one of the reasons, why most of the people prefer buying a pull-down kitchen faucet.

  • Pull down kitchen faucet comes with an attractive exterior design that can suit any kitchen setting and sometimes enhance the kitchen looks
  • This type of kitchen faucet cannot be moved from one place to another around the sink
  • Pull down kitchen faucet are ideal for deep sinks
  • This type of kitchen faucet is best suitable for modern kitchen or interior designing.

  • Only suitable with deep sink
  • Since the spouts are too high, the pressure of the water from the outlet of the faucet could be comparatively lower.

Final Thought

Pull out and pull-down kitchen faucets perform the same basic purpose of delivering water to the sink. However, the specification of each differs a lot. As you have seen each type of kitchen faucet has its own advantages, which has to be considered while purchasing them. Hope you are clear about what the difference is and what the similarities are.

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